Amesbury Lantern Parade

Each year we host the Amesbury Lantern Parade which celebrates the Winter Solstice by walking the route of our ancestors to the ancient spring at Blickmead. Kids enjoy making their own lanterns from our special packs and walking in the dark through a magical landscape. There is usually mulled wine and mince pies along the route and the walk culminates in an ancient ceremony.

Photograph of the Lantern Parade in December 2014

Lantern Parade – December 2014


The Amesbury History Centre has hosted talks in the past from leading archaeologists such as David Jacques. This year we are planning a full schedule of talks from all areas of Amesbury past and present. Please check back for more details of events or become a friend to get regular invites to events.

David Jacques Lecture on Blick Mead

David Jacques giving a lecture on the findings at Blick Mead – 2015

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