Astronomy of Stonehenge

The Amesbury History Centre is very pleased to announce that, after the success of last years talk, Archaeoastronomer Simon Banton will be back again on the 26th May 2017, 8pm to give us his talk on the Astronomy of Stonehenge.

Simon Banton is an expert on Stonehenge and its astronomy, arguably the most important aspect to the great stones. Anyone lucky enough to watch Simon talk will know how eloquent and knowledgeable he is and his audience last year will left thrilled with his talk.

From Solstice watching to theories of eclipse prediction, Stonehenge is tied to the sky in our imagination. Is it all just coincidence or did the builders really manage to bring the heavens down to earth?

We’ll try to work out where to stand and which direction to look so we might catch a glimpse through the designer’s eyes. Oh, and there are lots of nice pictures to look at too!

Doors to the centre will open at 7:30pm and entry is free, but please make sure you arrive early to avoid disappointment.