Amesbury Lantern Parade 2015

The very popular Amesbury Lantern parade once again graved our streets on Monday 21st December 2015. Hundreds of people joined us for the Winter Solstice to participate in a walk through the ancient landscape to the place where Amesbury began.

We were very lucky to be joined by Blick Mead Archaeologist David Jacques and local author Janet Redman helped bring the last light from the sunset at Stonehenge in the solstice lantern to the ancient spring near Blick Mead where Frank ‘the Zoid’ Somers perfomed a spectacular ceremony. We were even graced by a halo moon on the walk to the spring which gave that extra bit of magic to the proceedings.

This event has been getting bigger and better every year, enjoyed by young and old alike, and plans have already began for the lantern parade 2016on the solstice evening, come along and follow on in the footsteps of the Amesbury ancestors.


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